Coding is a command or set of instructions that you give to the computer. You may think the computer is smarter than you but it is clueless without a command. There are many resources available on the web for coding. I started coding when I was 7 years old and so far I’ve learned different languages such as python, scratch, java script. The python language in particular gave me sense of what is computation, and how python fits in to the mathematical operations, understanding of variables and types of python operations. The coding language overall helps me understand how the logic of command works, what syntax to use when, how compiling codes may give you results that you were anticipating. As I said above, computer gets as good as you code it – the better the code, results will be better as well.

If you are new to coding, you can go to these sites to learn about coding:

  1. Khan Academy
  5. MIT OCW (opencourseware) 

Besides coding, I also work on arduino projects. I’ve worked on arduino boards and I’ve done several projects using the board such as;

motion detection

keypad door entry

light sequence

controlling servos with a joystick

controlling DC motors