New projects (2022)

Robotic arm claw-

One of my biggest and most recent projects is a robotic arm machine. I was hunting for projects to do over summertime, and I stumbled across this robotic arm set on amazon. Its a good challenging kit to build, and its also fun to make. it took me a few days with about an hour of work per day, so it was a good thing to keep me busy.

what you need for building-

*small screw driver

****** 4D batteries (not included)



Overall, not too many things are needed for construction. The most challenging part of the building process for me was making the motors. the motor is a really small part of the build, and you need 5 of them in this arm. All the parts of the motor are very small and if even a small part of the motor is built incorrectly, it restricts a whole line of movement for the machine. I had to rebuild a motor while nearly finishing it, because I noticed that the arm wouldn’t turn right. So, its really important to make sure that you follow the instructions perfectly.

Progress photos:



IMG-7809.jpg2.4 MB

IMG-7815.jpg2.6 MB