Hi! Recently I started learning HTML to make a webpage. So far, I know how to : make a page, add headers, add bodies, add fonts, add text, and add images. On this page im going to be showing you guys what I learn and how to do it.

Step one: file set up

When you first start a html wepage, you must provide it a location. I located mine in a coding folder, but it can go under any folder you want. Then, create a file under that folder named “index.html”, Now your website portal is set up.

Now, lets set up the portal to the notepad, there can be many apps used for html code, but I am using notepad. To open notepad, right click on the file, then press “open with”, once that is done, click the notepad app. Now you should have a blank notepad canvas, this is where all your code is going to be. **make sure to always save every code you write, there is no auto save***

Step two: the code!